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 Support & Counselling Service Demo

We understand something of the pressures that university counselling and wellbeing depratments have to deal with having worked with over 30 universities in the UK and Ireland. Mood Booster is a new service designed specifically for these difficult times, and for the uncertaintity that lies ahead. This demo introduces Mood Booster and some of the ways it can be integrated with, and extend,  your existing services … think of it as a suggestion of what could happen


What if you had a confidential interactive service that is able to work as both a support solution and then a ongoing wellbeing resource 


… and what if this resource were quickly and easily accessible on all the pages of your Counselling Service (just like these example pages) … so it can be immediatly accessed in a single click where ever your visitors are



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And what if your students could use it on a daily basis like a mental health routine helping to prevent many issues arising in the first place …. helping reduce and manage issues while referring them back to you