There is little doubt that 2020 will be remembered as the year that everything changed for university counselling services. We have witnessed the almost instant transition to a new reality that adds an underrepresented revision of working requirements and practices on top of the everyday pressures of consistent budget constraints and increasing client workloads

Having worked with over 30 universities in the UK and Ireland we understand something of the pressures that counselling and wellbeing departments are having to face right now. Being based in the Tech sector we also understand something of the pain that this kind of transition can cause.

That’s why we set out to create a resource to help both students and departments alike. We reviewed our past product range along with student and staff feedback, we identified platforms that enable delivery over all modern devices, and arrived at Mood Booster … a new service designed specifically for these difficult times, and for the uncertainty that lies ahead.

Mood Booster is a interactive, confidential, SFBT based service that is able to work as both a support solution and then as a ongoing wellbeing resource. It runs directly from your counselling service pages (rather than passing onto a 3rd party) and is immediately accessible throughout your visitors journey, providing instant, client centric response 24/365


(?) This demo introduces Mood Booster and some of the ways it can be integrated with, compliment and extend,  your existing services (think of it as a suggestion of what could happen). This demo is designed to represent the pages of a university web site, with departmental sections, including  a support and counselling service. The aim is to illustrate how Mood Booster can be accessed in different ways accross the