Hello wonderful WP&UP people. This section contains orientation for this phase of development. It will be removed when it is complete. Please take a sec to get up to speed.


  • Please be mindful that this is very much work in progress.
  • The key goal here is to give the likes of GG a sense of what we can produce to help them enguage with our partnership drive
  • this is just starting to scratch the surface of what this kind of interaction can produce 
PDF download
  • There is an issue with dompdf which is scrambling the download. It’s well documented & I’m taking it up with SiteGround but sadly the PDFs are a bit of a mess at the moment
Branding and UX
  • the stickman theme has been developed firstly as a means of creating  a clear, consistent and light hearted visual communication of the principles of SFBT across the tracks and interactions
  • it’s designed to be replaced with a branded surrogate where the current image files can be used as a style guide for a new design package
Interaction Sequencing
  • Jonathan has been doing a lot of question revisions which I have not yet tested. Its possible that some of the responses might be a little skewed in the feedback secton.
The next small step track
  • please move the fader to 6 as I have not coded the score into the layouts yet